GERMANY Kyffhauser 1914-1918 War Veterans Commemorative Medal WWI signed HOSAEÜS

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Kyffhauser 1914-1918 War Veterans Commemorative Medal
(Kyffhäuserbund Kriegsdenkmedaille 1914-18),
1922 to 1934 issue
Size-31 x 47mm
Oval gilt-bronze medal with eyelet for ribbon suspension;
the face with a tattered standard, lightning bolts below, dated ‘1914 1918’ to the left above a sprig of laurel, inscribed above ‘Blank die Wehr, Rein die Her’ (Shining Arms, Pure Honour), signed ‘HOSAEÜS’ at the base, all within a stylised laurel border;
the reverse inscribed ‘Aufrecht u stoß gehen wir aus dem Kfe den wir über vier Jahre gegen eine Welt von Feinden bestanden, Hindenburg’ (Upright and battered we came through four years of struggle withstanding a world of enemies, Hindenburg), a small five-pointed star above and below, circumscribed above ‘für Treue im Weltkriege’ (for Loyalty in the World War), circumscribed below ‘Der Kyffhäuserbund’.
The medal was instituted in 1922 and, until the issue of the Cross of Honour of the World War (Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges), better known as the ‘Hindenburg Cross’ in 1934, was often the only medal of the German soldiers of World War I.
The Kyffhäuserbund der Deutschen Landeskriegerverbände veterans’ organisation was set up some years before World War I and Field Marshal Paul von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg was its President of Honour during the 1920s. After his death in 1934, the medal was amended by the National Socialist government with the addition of a cross gammée (Hackenkreuz or swastika)

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