Return Policy

Refund Policy: Items purchased over the internet, telephone, or in any manner without prior inspection
by you or your agent in person shall be shipped to you and are eligible for a refund for any reason with
no questions asked; To qualify for the refund, such item(s) must be shipped back to us, safely packaged,
with tracking or signature confirmation, within thirty (30) business days of receipt, in the same
condition it was shipped to you. If the items are shipped within thirty (30) business days of receipt, we
will refund the full purchase price of the item upon our receipt of the returned item. All shipping and
handling and insurance fees are non-refundable. We do not insure the shipping on returned items and
you are responsible to fully insure any items you return to us. After the thirty (30) business day period,
no items may be returned for any reason, except upon reasonable proof of lack of authenticity.
 Certified or encapsulated  coins may only be returned to us in their original holders. If the
certified or encapsulated coins have been removed from their original holder the warranty is void and no
refund will be given. There is no return privilege for items purchased and/or inspected in person, even if
the purchased items are mailed to you after an in-person purchase or inspection, except in questions of
authenticity. Proof of purchase shall be required for a refund. Refunds shall be issued using the same
method of payment that was used to purchase the item(s), however, we reserve the right to refund any
foreign currency payments in U.S. Dollars. Overseas currency quotations are provided as a courtesy and
may only be refunded in U.S. Dollars. In some cases, a credit may also be permitted for a return, the
value of which may be applied to a future purchase. Please note that special terms apply for layaway
invoices. Items purchased on layaway shall only be removed from inventory upon receipt of the first
installment payment. Returns are not permitted on layaway orders and refunds will not be issued for
these orders. Cancellation of an order placed on layaway is not permitted without approval by Enumismat LTD