CHRISTIE'S AUCTION 2009 Russian Galerie Popoff Parts II & III

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This post auction catalog consists of 263 pages with 389 lots mostly illustrated in color and all described in detail
FROM OCTOBER 12-13 2009.
Russian Galerie Popoff Parts II Part III
Russia’s State Hermitage Museum in November bought from sale part II,III 92
[3 was received as gift] watercolor portraits.
from the Paris-based Popoff Collection.

Galleries Popoff - An Enduring Passion for Russian Art which will take place on 12 and 13 October 2009 in London, and which will present exceptional Russian works of art from one of the most renowned Russian galleries in Paris.
Although Alexandre Alexandrovich Popoff (1880-1964) died nearly fifty years ago, his legacy as a connoisseur and collector remains undiminished. His interest in Russian art was all encompassing, but his primary passion was porcelain.
The auction will offer rare Russian and European 18th century and 19th century porcelain, watercolours, paintings, works of art and textiles. Established in 1920, Galerie Popoff, located just opposite the Elysée Palace in Paris, has long been recognized as one of the most esteemed sources of Russian art. The exceptionally fine collection of 18th century porcelain, assembled by three generations of collectors and art dealers, is the subject of a book, entitled Masterpieces of 18th century Russian porcelain from the Collection of the Popoff and Cie gallery published earlier this year, with contributions from several distinguished porcelain experts from prestigious Russian museums.
Alexandre Popoff not only had the eye of a connoisseur for exquisite porcelain, he also had an unparalleled knowledge of Russian watercolours.
The Popoff Collection features works by the most prominent artists working in Russia in the early 19th century, including Alexander and Karl Briullov, Piotr Sokolov, Orest Kiprensky, Alexei Venetsianov and Vladimir and Edward Hau. The watercolour portraits of the collection are exceptional in terms of their quality and variety of artists and members of the Russian nobility depicted. They provide a picturesque window on a bygone era and a valuable record of a fascinating society.

An excellent exle is Vladimir Hau’s Portrait of Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina (1812-1863), the only one known in private hands (estimate £120,000-160,000). Natalia Pushkina, wife of the great poet Alexander Pushkin was renowned for her beauty and she attracted the attention of the young Baron d’Anthès. Maddened by jealousy, Pushkin challenged him to a duel and died two days later as a result of his wounds.

The early 19th century aristocracy, including members of the Imperial family, features strongly in this collection. One of the highlights is the Portrait of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna by Piotr Sokolov (1787-1848). This charming work depicts both members of the Imperial Family by the seaside in 1829 (estimate: £100,000 -150,000) and is widely considered to be the pièce maitresse by Sokolov.

Giovanina Pacini (1799-1852) was Karl Briullov’s model on several occasions. Giovanina’s mother, Countess Julia Samoilova, was the richest woman in the Russian Empire. She was romantically involved with the artist and commissioned several portraits of her daughter. The present work is an excellent exle of the artist’s use of chiaroscuro and his capability for exquisite rendering of detail. The subject emerges out of the several layers of her delicate shawl, complemented by the atmospheric background (estimate £100,000-120,000).

Russian Works of Art and Textiles
The Popoff Collection also incorporates a large selection of Russian works of art and textiles. Embroidery has been at the heart of Russian court, domestic and ecclesiastic tradition for centuries. The kokoshnik, sarafan and the festive scarf for formal occasions show the wealth of the wearer as well as her regional roots as each area had its own characteristic patterns and traditions. To the contemporary viewer the national dress spoke volumes. The cresen-shaped kokoshnik told the viewer that the wearer came from Central Russia (lot 262; estimate: £3,000-5,000)) and the velvet conical pill box headdress told of Moscow Province (lot 255; estimate: £4,000-6,000). This collection of scarves, sarafan and kokoshniki can therefore take the modern connoisseur straight back to history.

A commemorative gold medal of the All-Russia Industrial and Art Exhibition held in 1896 in Nizhnii Novgorod will be offered for £5,000-7,000. On one side the medal shows the profile of Tsar Nicholas II, founder of the exhibition which celebrated the greatest artistic and technical achievements of the Russian Empire. The reverse of the medal depicts the city-shape of Nizhnii Novgorod and Mother Russia.

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